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  1. Should Christians Gamble?
    22 Nov, 2017
    Should Christians Gamble?
    I can see the appeal of gambling. Most of us could some extra cash to pay bills, buy groceries. With Christmas just around the corner, it would be nice to be able to buy our children some nice Christmas gifts. Of course, if temptation wasn't appealing, it wouldn't be tempting, would it? It's hard to come right out and say that gambling is sinful. The Bible doesn't mention it specifically. However, I think we can use Biblical principles to come to a conclusion on whether or not Christians should
  2. Moses, Commandments, Christianity, Rules, Walking in the Faith
    05 Jan, 2016
    Does Christianity Have Rules?
    I got to thinking about this issue last summer when I was engaged in a dialogue with a woman. This woman and her family attend a few Christian churches every week, and she goes to a woman's Bible Study and basically makes her presence known at whatever Christian event she can to show everyone what godly woman she is. I know. I'm coming off as judgmental and there's a reason for that. The topic of this discussion was the woman in question bringing her children to an event that would be