Walking in the Faith

Living Out Your Christian Faith in a Secular World



  1. Rachael Harder, tolerance, liberals, Walking in the Faith
    06 Oct, 2017
    Liberal Tolerance Take 2
    Let's say I owned a business and I was looking to hire someone. Now, if a young woman came in for an interview, and I somehow discovered she and I didn't share the same views on abortion so I refused to hire her, how would you react? Well, if you're a non-Christian, I would expect you to say that it's discriminatory and that a person's political or religious beliefs should have no bearing on how well they can do a job. If you're a Christian, I would expect you to say the same things, save to
  2. Tragedy, Politics, Thoughts, Walking in the Faith
    04 Oct, 2017
    A Thought on Recent Tragedies
    Recently, in the space of about a week, there were three attacks in North America that I'm aware of. On September 24th, a church in Nashville, Tennessee was shot up. 7 people were injured and one died. On Sept 30th, in Edmonton, Alberta, a man hit a police officer with his car before stabbing him, later that evening, the assailant injured 4 more people while trying to elude the police. Thankfully, the police officer and others all survived. On October 1st, a man fired on a crowd of 22,000