Walking in the Faith

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    14 Oct, 2017
    Meet the New God, Same as the Old God
    I used to belong to a lot of different Facebook groups, mainly Christian groups. When I first started getting into Facebook debates about Christianity, I found it helpful to be able to solicit people in the group for help if I got stuck. As it turns out, the question I got asked the most by atheists is regarding the slaughter of the Canaanites, slavery, and generally anything people thought made the Old Testament God look like a bully. Now, I've read some books on the subject (Paul Copan's Is
  2. Pluralism, Apologetics, Walking in the Faith
    08 Jan, 2016
    Is God An Elephant?
    Some of you may have heard the parable that inspired the above image. It's the parable of six blind men (or blindfolded, depending on who's telling the story), each touching a different part of an elephant. One touches the elephant's ear and thinks it's a fan. Another touches the elephant's tusk and thinks it's a spear. The one who touches the elephant's tale, think it's a rope.  A fourth touches the elephant's leg and thinks it's a tree. The fifth touches the elephants trunk and thinks it's a