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    04 Aug, 2016
    What Is Love?
    If you're like me, immediately after reading the title of this post, the line "Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more" popped into your head. I'll admit, I may have done that on purpose. But it is an appropriate title, since today I want to examine the Biblical concept of love, which is a pretty huge topic since it is mentioned 348 in the New American Standard Bible (regular readers should know this is my favourite version since it's the only one I quote from in the posts). So what does the
  2. Good Samaritan, Christians and Refugees, Walking in the Faith
    02 Jan, 2016
    Christians and Refugees
    I posted a mini-rant on my Facebook page a little while ago and, since then, I've been meaning to post a more in-depth post about it but then I thought the issue had died out since no one seemed to be talking about it anymore. Then came the onslaught of Facebook posts once again and I realized this is still a current issue and people are still arguing over whether we should allow Syrian refugees in the country. When I say "country," I'm referring to any country, since these principles should