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  1. Christianity, Gossip, Rumours, Bible Study, Walking in the Faith
    19 Oct, 2017
    Christians and Gossip
    We've all seen the posts on Facebook or other social media. A picture of some guy we've never met or seen before, looking as though he wants to jump out of the photo and beat everyone to a bloody pulp. Next to him is another photo of a battered child or animal. The caption on these photos informs us that the guy in the first photo beat the child or animal in the second and that we should all share the post to let everyone know what a terrible human being he is. Now, maybe this guy did do what
  2. Christian Unity, Heresy, Walking in the Faith
    04 Jul, 2016
    The "H" Word
    I try not to use the word heresy very often. I think it's a term that is overused by many over a difference of opinion on a minor issue and not something that is essential to the Christian faith. Now, let's be honest. Christians don't always agree. This is why we have so many different denominations. Having so many denominations is often used against Christians by atheists. I had one particularly antagonistic atheist once tell me that Christianity cannot possibly be true because if there are
  3. Pluralism, Apologetics, Walking in the Faith
    08 Jan, 2016
    Is God An Elephant?
    Some of you may have heard the parable that inspired the above image. It's the parable of six blind men (or blindfolded, depending on who's telling the story), each touching a different part of an elephant. One touches the elephant's ear and thinks it's a fan. Another touches the elephant's tusk and thinks it's a spear. The one who touches the elephant's tale, think it's a rope.  A fourth touches the elephant's leg and thinks it's a tree. The fifth touches the elephants trunk and thinks it's a
  4. Moses, Commandments, Christianity, Rules, Walking in the Faith
    05 Jan, 2016
    Does Christianity Have Rules?
    I got to thinking about this issue last summer when I was engaged in a dialogue with a woman. This woman and her family attend a few Christian churches every week, and she goes to a woman's Bible Study and basically makes her presence known at whatever Christian event she can to show everyone what godly woman she is. I know. I'm coming off as judgmental and there's a reason for that. The topic of this discussion was the woman in question bringing her children to an event that would be