Walking in the Faith

Living Out Your Christian Faith in a Secular World



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    30 Oct, 2017
    Thoughts, Prayers, and...?
    We’ve all seen the comments on social media. People are going through a rough time. Someone they loved passed away, they lost their job, a fire destroyed their home, or any number of terrible things. Then we get the comments, “My thoughts and prayers are with you.” Next come the inevitable comments from atheists about how useless thoughts and prayers are and that people should be helping in more tangible ways. Well, they’re half right. I have nothing against prayer. I think it’s a powerful
  2. science vs religion, Walking in the Faith
    15 Jun, 2017
    Science vs Religion
    Yesterday morning, I saw an ad show up on my Facebook feed. It was a T-shirt that read: "HERE'S A LIST OF TEN SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES THAT WERE LATER PROVEN WRONG BY RELIGION." It then goes on to list numbers 1-10, leaving them all blank. Now, I'm sure a few atheists got a chuckle out of this and this only firmed up their belief (or lack of belief, as many atheists will correct me on this) that science trumps religion, thus proving the non-existence of God. So, let me explain why this is a false