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  1. science vs religion, Walking in the Faith
    15 Jun, 2017
    Science vs Religion
    Yesterday morning, I saw an ad show up on my Facebook feed. It was a T-shirt that read: "HERE'S A LIST OF TEN SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES THAT WERE LATER PROVEN WRONG BY RELIGION." It then goes on to list numbers 1-10, leaving them all blank. Now, I'm sure a few atheists got a chuckle out of this and this only firmed up their belief (or lack of belief, as many atheists will correct me on this) that science trumps religion, thus proving the non-existence of God. So, let me explain why this is a false
  2. Andy Bannister, Apologetics, Atheism, The Atheist Who didn't Exist, Book Review, Walking in the Fait
    03 Aug, 2016
    Andy Bannister's The Atheist Who Didn't Exist
    I've decided that as part of this blog, I'm going to discuss certain resources I find that deal with apologetics, the Bible, Christian living, prayer, or anything else I tend to post about. First up is a book I just finished reading, The Atheist Who Didn't Exist, by Andy Bannister. I loved this book. Bannister has his PhD and is very intelligent, but the book is written in a conversational tone that makes it easy to read without feeling like you're reading. A lot of scholarly literature can be
  3. God, Existence, Proof, Walking in the Faith
    27 Jul, 2016
    Why Doesn't God Appear to Everyone to Prove He Exists?
    Last night, my fiancée and I were watching some videos on YouTube by the Bible Project. If you don't know what this is, it's a group dedicated to making videos that give a brief description of every book of the Bible and trace a common theme from Genesis to Revelation. The videos were very interesting, so we watched a few. We started with Genesis and made our way through Judges. Apparently, some of the Bible stories brought up some questions in my fiancée's mind. She was not familiar with a lot
  4. apologetics, atheism, church, walking in the faith
    04 Jul, 2016
    Why The Church Should Be Teaching Apologetics
    Quick poll: Have you ever heard a Christian utter the following statements? "God put fossils there to test our faith." "The devil put fossils there to trick us." "If man came from apes, why are there still apes?" (I actually heard Stephen Baldwin say this one) "God works in mysterious ways." Or have you ever seen the "deer caught in headlights" look on some Christians' faces when asked questions like: "If there is a God, why does He allow evil?" "How can you believe a book that has so
  5. Pluralism, Apologetics, Walking in the Faith
    08 Jan, 2016
    Is God An Elephant?
    Some of you may have heard the parable that inspired the above image. It's the parable of six blind men (or blindfolded, depending on who's telling the story), each touching a different part of an elephant. One touches the elephant's ear and thinks it's a fan. Another touches the elephant's tusk and thinks it's a spear. The one who touches the elephant's tale, think it's a rope.  A fourth touches the elephant's leg and thinks it's a tree. The fifth touches the elephants trunk and thinks it's a